Environmental Sustainability Program

Environmental sustainability program is a big part of Bonkers Beat Philosophy and practice.

What is Sustainability?

Sometimes it is quite difficult to explain to young children the meaning and the definition of this word. However, in a simple way it is just “Enough for Everyone for Ever”.

It is our responsibility to be role models and teach children to:

  • learn about the environment
  • develop skills to investigate and solve issues in the environment
  • acquire attitudes of care and concern for the environment
  • adopt behaviours and practices which protect the environment
  • understand the principles of ecologically sustainable development

At Bonkers Beat children are taught to respect plants and nature through activities such as gardening, watering plants, pruning, cooking and so on.

We understand the importance of looking after our planet and work together to raise awareness of the environment and a sense of connection to the natural world.

Children and staff at Bonkers Beat centre become socially responsible and show respect for their environment by not wasting water or electricity, reusing paper and recycling materials. We make practical changes and embrace them within the culture of our centre.

All families are encouraged to use compost bins, recycle bins, water tanks, grow their own vegetables and herbs, maximise the use of natural light, minimise the use of heaters and air conditioners and much more.

Our Story…

1. Small childcare centre for 51 children with minimal outdoor space
2. Old ABC centre, used to be without any trees, garden or grass and covered with soft fall rubber synthetic surfaces
3. Started operating in 2009 and in September 2012 received Exceeding NQS Rating
4. Improved our outdoor areas by building fruit & vegetable garden, jungle, digging patch, yoga deck, sensory reflexology walk, bike path, two sandpits, spaces for indoor / outdoor program and so on.
5. Engage and involve parents and a wider community in centre’s events, including Open Day & Community @ Work / Working Bee
4. Received Exceeding NQS Rating and outstanding summary comments for Environmental Sustainability:

Summary Comments from the NQS Report:

“…The service has achieved an overall rating of exceeding the National Quality Standard. The service was guided by strong leadership and management with an ongoing commitment to regular review of policies and procedures based upon feedback provided by staff, children and families. The educators’ ideas, philosophies and approaches that guided their everyday practice were based on an approved learning framework that maximised each child’s learning and development opportunities and resulted in the delivery of a high-quality program.
The service has worked particularly well at engaging families and this was reflected by the increased participation of families in social events and within the program. The service performed strongly in the area of children’s health and safety which was measured by the educators’ ability to provide planned and spontaneous activities where health and nutrition and physical activity were strongly promoted.

The service is congratulated in their efforts to take an active role in contributing to a sustainable future and for its participation in the rating and assessment process.” 25 October 2012

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