Early Years Curriculum

Music Program

Banging a drum to hear and feel the rumble of the soundMusic is the key to unlocking the door and helping your child to reach their full potential.

Music is powerful! Music is Magic!

Through singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments Bonkers the Monkey teaches children many life skills.

It is an exciting and important journey!

Through music your child develops social and emotional skills, is able to build up co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, to improve concentration, focus, memory, language and speech, to become more confident and love learning.

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Wellbeing Program

We would like to invite YOU on a magical journey where every child will learn and grow with our dear friend – Bonkers.

Focus and emotional control from yoga help children with absorbing informationYoga is great for kids too as it helps them become more conscious of their bodies, gain flexibility, build up their strength, improve posture, self-control, concentration and good coordination.

The “Yoga with Bonkers the Monkey” and Bonkers Gym Program will help children and the whole family to unite, practice and benefit from a range of wellbeing routines.

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Montessori Approach

Bonkers Beat philosophy shares the vision of Dr. Maria Montessori and integrates many principals and ideas from this progressive approach to Early Childhood Education in every day routines. We believe that all children are responsible and active learners and they are encouraged to develop their life skills and participate in active learning activities including cooking, serving food, cleaning, gardening, watering, sowing, fixing and so on.

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