Welcome to Bonkers Beat Aspendale!

Top 17 Reasons to enrol your child at Bonkers Beat Aspendale®
• Comprehensive Developmental Program
Including specialised Music, Art & Craft, Gym, Yoga,
Meditation, Drama & Language Programs
• Free Play & Structured Sessions according to age
• Unique Bonkers Beat® Music Program
• Combining traditional Russian teaching methods with the well-known concepts of Kodaly and Orff, based on singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments
• Bonkers Gym® Physical Development Program to stimulate every child’s gross motor skills
• Bonkers Daily Meditation & Yoga for all old groups to increase children’s focus and concentration, to reduce stress, anxiety and to bring into balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of every child’s wellbeing.
• Multicultural Program supporting cultural traditions at home and special celebrations
• Language Program including Auslan for deaf and hearing impaired children
• Toddler Program encouraging children to develop in all areas, building positive relationships with their friends. Messy play and art activities provide them with plenty of opportunities to be creative! Language skills are enhanced with story times, songs and puppet play. Self-help skills are encouraged and reinforced.
• 3 Year Old Kinder Programs developing confidence and self-esteem in children, gaining experience in a vast range of music and movement activities, experimenting with art materials, helping children to overcome separation anxiety and building up social and communication skills.
• 4 Year Old Kinder Program aims to develop:
language and aural skills (creating effective communicators); confident and active learners; fine and gross motor skills; children’s creativity through art, music and movement; learning about the world we live in and nurturing every child’s background and culture. To make a smooth transition from kinder to school and to extend their capability while grooming them for Prep.
• Specially Designed Art & Craft Program to develop fine motor skills & creativity
• Partnership with parents, family and the community through a variety of projects, presentations, “Songs of the Week”, multicultural celebrations, concerts, monthly newsletters & parent – teacher interviews throughout the year.
• Quality Care, Dedicated Qualified & Trained Staff to provide an education to all children, supported by regular training and continuous professional and personal development.
• Mainstream Environment & Supportive Program for Gifted, ASD Children & Children with Special Needs to provide verbal communication, social interaction and help to address the psychological, physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of children. Music-structured activities can help children with ASD or other special needs.
• Fully Air-conditioned / Heated Centre
• Nutritious Meals Provided (including breakfast)
• Secure & Clean Environment

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