Harmony Program

Harmony night at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder helping parents to unite and bondHarmony Nights are run at the Aspendale Kinder for parents and children to help form greater connection through music, yoga/stretching, breathing and meditation.

The Bonkers Beat Harmony nights bring parents and children closer together through the common bond of sharing these active sessions. Allowing parents to become the role model and engaged in the activities that their children participate in each day at the Music Kinder.

What Parents say…

It was a wonderful night! Very informative and full of useful ideas. Lots of fun activities and a chance to get to know other parents and staffAngela C – Toddlers Room Leader

It was wonderful! I really feel like I know what my child does every day! Now we can do these things together at homeMadeleine L – Toucans Room K3

‘Extremely informative, reassuring to understand all the important work being done with the children at Bonkers Beat. Great to get to know the staff and Galina made it lots of fun!’Rebekah B – Tigers Room K4